Melifera Royale Aloe Lifting Creme 30ml

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Prepared with fresh Royale bee pulp, Chios Mastic – Mastic Oil , Fresh Aloe and Ippofaes Anti-Aging – Anti-wrinkling – Tightening – Sun block – Aftershave properties Combats cellulitis, acne, eczema, psoriasis and dry skin For the healing of injuries and burns – Ecological with 100 % natural products 

Directions for use: We take a small quantity and rub it well in the palms of our hands until it dissolves and then apply it to the facial and neck area with massaging motions. Use it for all types of injuries or burns or on whatever part of the body there is a skin problem. 


Fresh Greek Royale Bee Pulp: Youth – Beauty – Longevity«The skin and especially the face acquire a youthful appearance after using it for a few weeks». (M. de Belfvefer, French Doctor – Researcher) 

The Royale pulp is an ingredient that we encounter in the cosmetics industry in products that are intended for weight loss and a reduction of cellulitis. It improves the elasticity in the skin, it reduces the wrinkles, it promotes blood flow in the skin, it influences longevity and it assists in the preservation of health, beauty and youth. The Royale pulp aids in the healing of various skin ailments, especially for dermatitis. Local application is effective for dry skin treatment, in the treatment of difficult injuries, facial acne and for lupus erythematosus. It also has a beneficial affect on psoriasis, which is a skin ailment with long term development whose feature is the development of small scales upon the skin. In the case of eczema, the local application of the ointment, which has propolis and royale pulp as its main ingredients, shall provide a reduction in the dry skin conditions and re-hydrate the skin. 

Natural bee’s wax: Anti-wrinkling – Cosmetic – Sun block - Tightening action (Only scaling wax) The scaling wax is the highest quality wax. It possesses natural antibiotic substances that are active against facial acne and infections. It is an emollient and healing substance. It possesses anti inflammatory qualities. It is used in the preparation of cosmetics due to its anti wrinkling qualities. 

Fresh aloe juice: Anti-aging, Collagen production properties In recent years there has been an explosion in the research on Aloe and its applications for both humans and animals. Mr. Ιvan Danhof, a professor of Physiology at Texas University and the superintendent of the North Texas research laboratory demonstrated in 1984 that the application of Aloe to the skin accelerates the fibroblasts. The fibroblasts assist in the production of collagen which is a protein that controls the aging process in the skin and the wrinkles, (with the passing of time collagen begins to disappear from the skin which causing wrinkling). Furthermore, the Aloe protects the outer layers of the skin which assists in the reconstruction of the skin cells. It also exhibit further re-hydration qualities with the demonstration that the skin absorbs the moisture from the Aloe three to four times faster than from water. 

Cold press olive oil (15ο C): Sun block – Blood regenerative – cosmetic properties It provides protection from solar radiation and the burns that are caused by it due to the vitamin Ε, the pro-vitamin Α and the polyunsaturated fatty substances that it possesses. The chlorophyll that it possesses promotes the metabolism, stimulates the cellular increase and contributes to blood regeneration, which results in the acceleration of the healing processes for injuries. 

Natural Chios Mastic, 100 % genuine mastic oil: Anti-wrinkling – Sun block properties The active qualities in the Mastic for the health of the skin were known to all the famous doctors in antiquity and relate to skin conditions, the healing of injuries, acne, blemishes, wrinkles and facial stigmata. Bees propolis: Antibiotic – Anti-cancer – Sun block properties Bees use this substance to disinfect the bee hive. It possesses internationally recognised anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal qualities. It possesses anti-oxidant, anti-cancer and healing qualities. It also provides protection against radiation and solar radiation by stimulating the regeneration of tissue and replenishing the cells. 

Sesame oil: Anti-aging – Anti–aging – Anti-oxidant properties (Cold press) It possesses powerful anti-oxidant substances such as sesamine and sesamoline that retard the aging in the skin cells and the skin. A pulp composed of olive tree leaves and an elder tree extract: Anti-wrinkling properties It is used by all the major cosmetics companies due to its anti-wrinkling qualities. 

Fresh bee pollen (Not dried): Regenerative –Sun block – Cosmetic properties It is the floral spermatozoon animalcule. It cures acne and the facial stigmata. It provides exceptional active results for the skin and the facial beauty due to the rare trace elements (e.g. selenium), the amino acids – proteins, vitamins and enzymes that it possesses. 

Almond oil: Anti-wrinkling properties According to the ancient Greek Doctor Dioskourides, the almond oil removes the facial blemishes, stigmata and wrinkles. 

Mountain (Stygian) Tea: Anti-oxidant properties The herb for immortality It has an anti-oxidant action. It is very effective for the skin and for facial skin health. 


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